Make Being Private Easier
GhostShip is LIVE!!!

Online Documentations for PirateOS


  • Ghostship Documentation, Guides, Videos, and Live support.
  • Operating System for our Miners to stay secure, safe, and help newcomers learn to mine Pirate Chain in an easy fashion.
  • Galleon is the largest ship in the Pirate OS fleet

Pirate Chain

Pirate Chain Security Sets are over 1 million which is beyond Zcash's privacy set rating of 15000. This makes Pirate Chain the most anonymous and secure blockchain in existence beyond Monero.


The Most Secure Blockchain for people who actually wan real security

Financial Privacy

The Most Private Transactions in existence. Pirate has NO transparent addresses making it different then all Zcash fork alternatives.


For those that love anonymity, the pirate oceans wallet offers 100% anon messaging using the same technology that protects you pirate coins.

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